New Asian Fusion Cafe

Bring a piece of home to you 

Our Best Sellers
original lemon tea
honey black milk tea
the fishy one
pork belly bowl
Our Story

Going through college in UCSB, we had always been craving for a good Asian fusion food joint. The quality and variety of Asian food and snacks near campus has been extremely limited. Turning our heads to other UCs and finding out they all have nice boba/milk tea store and amazing fast casual Asian cuisine is unbearable and heartbreaking. With this idea of bringing better quality Asian fusion food and drinks to Isla Vista, Mojo Teahouse is founded exclusively by Gaucho Alumni.


The store located in Isla Vista will be our first store ever.


We identify ourselves as a newly formed food start-up that is eager to work with fantastic people as well as to find opportunities to expand. As a proud Gaucho, we all appreciate what UCSB has taught us and want to start our journey of life near the beloved campus. We truly wish you could join us to go down this exciting road.